How to Improve Your Website For Better User Experience

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With so many design concepts, drop menu, CTA (Calls-to-Action), when it comes down to it, a website is judged by UX (User Experience) since it is greatly known in the industry. User experience is important because it determines how long a person stays on your website. Even if they do order or not, and having that in mind, below are some tips on how you can improve your website for better user experience.


Use White Space Properly

Some people may think of using white space for ads and graphic banners, however, the right balance of this clear feature can do so much better. A white background can make text easily readable and it also helps users to focus on the surrounding object. In fact, a research has found that a white background on a dark text boost reader’s interest up to 20% and it is also a bright color which can brighten a dull platform. Again, it is all about creating the correct balance, and a little white on the corners of the page usually works great. If you’re having trouble with the design of your website, you can easily find a reliable web developer on the web. You can even work together with a web designer and a digital marketing expert for a higher success rate.



Eye-catching Calls-to-Action

Eye-catching CTA is crucial if you want users to navigate their way to purchasing your products and by having a web developer backing you up, you will reap many benefits in the long run. They will handle the right design and set-up for your website and by having the right CTA in the right places will surely encourage users to continue purchasing your goods, therefore enhancing better user experience.


Website Page Speed

If the pages of your website takes forever to load, then this is a big turn off for potential customers and this typically happens because of hi-res images and videos. For this reason, you have to use PNG format for the images, they are small but gives the right clarity for images. It might also be that your web hosting is poor and this is why a web developer should be necessary. They will help you ensure that your bandwidth is more than enough for the types of content you’re posting. By making sure that you have a fast page loading time, you are on the right track of giving the users a much better overall experience.


One cannot lightly take the importance of a website’s design and content, and by hiring a professional web designer, they will take care of your digital platform from the user’s point of view. With a lot of work, the UX of your website will definitely improve and will reflect on the following sale figures in the next month.


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